Robert Singleton is a project, potentially multimedia but currently confined to the limits of this website, designed to explore … (New cultures of knowledge production and formalisation , a practice especially [interested in] the new instrumental roles played by whim, failure, misrepresentation and incoherence in [our] attempts to be and create productive/engaged online selves/identities. Mainly doing this by practising a kind of bastardised form of literary criticism.)

‘the kinds of critical texts produced by someone using the faculties developed by internet reading (parsing) for reading literary texts…  Placing an emphasis on the more pragmatic, peremptory, opportunistic reactions a mind can have towards textual material, the kind of reactions that play a central role in our ability to navigate the internet, in responses to ‘literary’ material gives us a view of the pre-lives of critical assessments, the embryonic stages of a fully ‘worked out’ interpretation of the kind we are used to seeing’ – Robert Singleton

‘stupidity is not a simple quality… but an effect of complex inhibitions… the most leaden-headed blockhead thereby becomes an object of interest’

IA Richards